Kaupunkikylä, founded in 2006, is a community based in Lahti offering supported living services and work engagement opportunities to and with persons with special needs.

One of the aims of our activities is to lower barriers and remove borders in the lives of people with special needs, and to work and engage with various networks to foster an open and caring society, in which all kinds of people can thrive.

"Working together” is a fit catch-phrase for our starting point and our activities.

At the moment there are 4 residential buildings in Kaupunkikylä, where residents have their own rooms and share the kitchen and living room.

A main feature of work engagement activities is the organic café and bakery in downtown Lahti. Another team works with Inspis (work opporunities with unemployed young people), looking after many parks and open areas in the town.

Kaupunkikylä welcomes and hosts both students doing a social work practical experience and volunteers from abroad.

The roots of Kaupunkikylä´s culture are in the international Camphill-movement, which began its work in 1939 in Scotland.  

For more information please contact mika.aaltonen@kaupunkikyla.fi